5 Best email marketing tools in 2022

Email marketing remains a key marketing strategy for many industries and business types in 2022, but is email marketing really worth it? With more digital marketing options than ever, including social media marketing and Google ads, will email retain its value when it actually generates revenue?

The answer is of course yes, email marketing is well worth investing in if you are trying to grow your idea and create a sustainable business. Below, I will use some data to tell you that it is still correct to choose email marketing.

According to Megan, email marketing is profitable because the return on investment you get from email marketing is higher than you would expect from any other form of marketing, digital or otherwise.

According to The Radicati group, that number is expected to reach 361 billion before the end of 2024. Although there are more and more digital contacts or social media available to find customers than in the past. However, obviously, that email is still one of the most popular ways of communication because people still think it is more formal to communicate business through email.

According to the data, about five out of four retailer experts say email marketing improves customer acquisition and retention. The social media figure is 44 percent. In other words, email marketing can help you get more customers, and when they want to cooperate with you again to buy products, they will come to you again.

In fact, there are still a lot of data to prove that email marketing is still alive today and is the best marketing strategy for you to develop your business. I will not list it here. If you are also interested in learning more about the benefits email marketing can bring you, you can read the blog 'Welcome to SendPalm's World, Master It Now!' to learn more.

It is also very important to choose the email suitable for your business, because each email marketing platform has different features, so you need to find the most suitable email marketing tool for each platform in terms of its focus and functions. Let me list and briefly introduce the best email marketing platforms for 2022.




Best, powerful, and simple email marketing, all the email marketing tools you need in one place.

SenPalm's Features

SendPalm is the highest-ranked email marketing platform built specifically for Shopify. Increase your sales with efficient communications, email automation campaigns, pop-ups, and integration with your social media platforms.

First, SendPalm's built-in smart drag-and-drop generator editor customizes and designs all your email marketing. When you use SendPalm as an email campaign, just drag and drop any desired elements in your email to where you want them to be to complete your design. You can also customize the colors, fonts, and so on to achieve the look that best fits your brand. SendPalm also pre-designed basic email and holiday email templates, such as Welcome email and Christmas Email, to save you time.

SendPalm email verification and automatic cleanup ensure that your email list is clean and valid. When creating email lists in SendPalm, not only can you segment your customer groups, but you can also verify the status of your email addresses for each list, whether they are valid, invalid, risky, or unknown. And you can keep only the emails you need in your email list, edit them as you like. For example, if you want your email list to contain only valid email addresses, delete all the bad ones. Keep your email list clean and effective at all times and maintain a 99% deliverability rate across the network for all marketing email sends.

SendPalm will also automate your email marketing and drive more revenue for welcome events, check-out drop, pop-up events automation, tab triggers, and more.

Convert visitors to subscribers with custom no-code pop-up forms. SendPalm allows them to be customized to appear anywhere and anytime on any of your websites.

Finally, SendPalm also reported and analyzed the email list and campaign with different dashboards. Let you clearly grasp the data of your audience and campaign, and create better output for people.


SendPalm's Price

You will have access to almost all of its features, once you activate the SendPalm free registered account. If you want more email sent and features, it's cheaper than most platforms.




MailChimp has added landing pages and various advertising tools to their features, and their email marketing service is well established.

The features of MailChimp

MailChimp has a huge number of customers in every country in the world. Therefore, they use the data collected by these customers to provide you with experienced insights to improve your Email marketing. In addition to being simple enough for someone just starting an email marketing strategy for a startup, this tool is flexible enough and useful enough for mature businesses.

In addition, MailChimp has over 300 integrations that help you customize the tools to fit your business. By using these integrations to further personalize your marketing, you will get the most out of your email strategy.


The MailChimp's price

MailChimp has four basic plans to choose from, ranging in price from free to $299 a month. The $17 Standard plan is their most popular plan and is relatively recommended by their platforms




GetResponse is a marketing automation service. It is available in more than 20 languages and has different pages for different regions, so it is also the most suitable audience for global email marketing.

The features of GetResponse

GetResponse also offers CRM, login pages and a complete webinar solution. The service offers over 500 templates to help you get started with email marketing and integrates with Shutterstock to give you access to a creative library at your fingertips.

In addition, their transformation funnel functions as a full creator, providing you with a range of activities. Build your landing page, automate your email, sell your products, recycle discarded orders, and convert your customers.


The GetResponse price

The GetResponse program is segmented into two programs for the average person and medium to large businesses. Prices range from free to $98 for ordinary people (plus a customized enterprise-class option that requires you to seek a quote). You can choose to charge a monthly fee or an annual fee and get a discount accordingly.




Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a complete marketing toolbox that offers more than just email.

The features of Constant Contact

Other email marketing features include A/B testing of subject lines and automatic resending to subscribers who do not have campaigns open. The Email Plus pack provides you with additional features such as the multi-step automatic email series and survey and online donation tools.

Constant Contact converts visitors to subscribers and customers through Lead Generation and Shoppable Landing pages. Offer Shoppable Landing Pages or Generation Landing Pages for different needs.

At the top of the email marketing tool, you can create landing pages or even build an entire website or online store from scratch through constant contact.


The prices of Constant Contact

Constant Contact has two plans, starting at $9.99 or $45 per month, depending on the features you need. They offer a free trial, so you can try it before you use it to make the best choice.




Wiz is a CRM tool designed specifically for LinkedIn.

The features of Wiza

Wiza creates lists of potential customers from LinkedIn. It helps you export leads from LinkedIn, such as accurate contact information, and communicate directly with your audience.

Add phone numbers + 30 data points to LinkedIn prospects. Help you find the right cell phone number, direct dial, and social media so you can follow up more effectively. Their Integrations are powerful, syncing your rich outlook to any CRM or marketing platform.

The prize of Wiza

Wiza's price is unique, as it costs credits to use the product. The amount of credits depends on how much you recharge. There are two price lists -Prospect and Enrich. Moreover, they will only collect your fee when Verified Contact Information is found. You can save another 20% by buying an annual plan directly.




SendinBlue is great for developing your automated email marketing and sending message campaigns.

The features of Sendinblue

At the top of your email, SendinBlue also has a form tool that lets you gather new clues that you can then subdivide into specific lists.

SendinBlue has workflows that give you access to many pre-customized automated activities to meet your specific goals.

If you want to run a more detailed email cultivation campaign, you can create one from scratch to meet your specific business needs.

SendinBlue'S SMS Marketing connects directly with your contacts using the targeted SMS messages.


The price of Sendinblue

SendinBlue has four main plans, one of which is free, two are priced between $25 and $65 per month, and one is a corporate plan that requires you to get a customized quote.