How to make your email marketing excellent?

Email marketing, on the other hand, is data-driven, with user behavior that can be tracked, user data that can be mined, and an emphasis on initiative, interactive experiences, and computable conversion rates (ROI). Since E-mail marketing has so many advantages, how should we implement E-mail marketing? Plan through five steps.


Step 1: Clarify the purpose of implementing email marketing. First of all, we should clarify the purpose of email marketing, which should be coordinated with the enterprise's marketing strategy. Is it to promote the brand image, specific products, and services, maintain customer relationships, or develop new customers? The clear and pure purpose will provide a powerful guarantee for later planning.

Step 2: Set up the enterprise mailing list database. There are three main ways to establish an enterprise's mailing list database.

  • The first way is to accumulate customer information, including registration through the company's website, mailing list subscription, and offline business contacts.
  • The second way is database leasing. Many data leasing companies carry out this business in the market. They can also cooperate with relevant websites to select several well-known information websites in the industry with a high degree of compatibility with target customers, and they often have a large number of user data resources.
  • The third method: using a specific program to collect email addresses from the web. This method has almost no cost, but it is also the least effective because it is impossible to determine the validity and authenticity of the data crawled.

From the above, we can see that enterprises should establish the concept of building enterprise user database, and strive to increase the proportion of the first source of data resources in the mailing list library. Because such mailing list databases are highly targeted and loyal, mailing lists are one of the most valuable intangible assets of a business. With the email addresses of these loyal customers, websites can be rebuilt, products can be found, and effective marketing can be done again with just one email to the mailing list.

Step 3: Choose a good email marketing platform. There are three types of email delivery platforms. One is professional mail platform (data marketing) companies. They build professional mail sending platforms, sending speed, can achieve thousands to hundreds of thousands of letters per hour to send speed. Therefore, the arrival rate of mail sent through such platforms can be maintained at a relatively high level. At the same time, email subscriber information is recorded in demographic, behavioral, and fond of marketing databases, set up through data mining, for each customer who can send a promotional email is different from others, a can and we know the customer's preference, behavior, and lifestyle of E-mail. It is also the most expensive type of mail to send. Second, ma small mail sending companies, mainly concentrated in local EDM service providers. They tend to have a few servers, a few IP addresses, a few people, with which to send a lot of mail. The cost of sending emails is very low. Often, a few hundred yuan can send millions of emails, it is easy to cause your domain name and IP to be blacklisted. The third is the spread of some mass mail software on the network. The basic principle is through the software, regular batch mail. Therefore, SendPalm is the best product with all the online marketing tools you need. Automate, personalize, report, and analyze email marketing while sending more emails in less time.

Step 4: Email marketing Creative design Including email campaign page design, pop-up form window campaign, and registration, subscription success, thank you for joining email. Email web page code follows a certain standard of design, text, and title design and planning. A good headline helps to interest the recipient. It makes them click and open your email. An inappropriate title may lead to the receiver directly deleting the email. When the email reaches the user mailbox, the title directly determines the email open rate. When it comes to content, consider the customer experience. Leave the unsubscribe function, not necessarily many people will unsubscribe, but in line with the rules of permissive email marketing. In addition, marketing emails should be interactive, whether social media platforms are integrated, so that customers can not only read emails, but also deeply apply them, recommend them to their friends using social network buttons, and complete purchases in emails. These personalized, triggering, interactive marketing emails can have an amazing effect on retention and sales.

Step 5: Send and post data analysis. After using the email marketing platform to send the email, we should track the customer's response and check the email marketing effect. By analyzing the tracking results, you can improve your audience selection and email delivery techniques by monitoring the sign-up conversion rate, unsubscribe rate, message arrival rate, open rate, read rate, and link click rate of your mailing list. In addition, the A/B testing method can be used to test different email title content and link address to understand the marketing effect and realize the optimization of the marketing effect. Generally speaking, the email marketing platform will have a function to verify and clean the junk email address data, organize the active email data list, and put it into the next round of operation. In addition, mature email marketing should determine the sending frequency of emails and establish the psychological expectation of receiving emails within a fixed time, which is very important to retain subscribers and establish trust.