Indicators of valuating email marketing

Is your email marketing effective?

Every time you email your campaign, you're sure to know if your campaign is effective. In email marketing, people do not need to obtain customers' satisfaction with the campaign through a large number of questionnaires or surveys. In general, only a few data points are needed to determine whether email marketing is effective.

Evaluation of email marketing affects basic indicators About the effect of marketing email analysis, can start from the analysis of four basic indicators, which are arrival rate, open rate, click rate, conversion rate.

1. Arrival Rate: The arrival rate shows the proportion of emails that have been sent to the user's mailbox. It is the first step to completing the final transformation and is a fundamental indicator. The formula for the arrival rate is Actual received user inbox/number of sent messages x 100%. There are two reasons for the valid arrival that cannot be reached: - The mailbox of the user is full, and the mailbox of the user is invalid.

2. Open rate is the key to conversion. The recipient sees an email, and it takes five seconds or less to decide whether to open it now, open it later, don't open it, or delete it. Sender's name, sender's email address, subject, and last received sender's email are the main influencing factors. Subtle situations arise where brand value and awareness play a decisive role, and highly perceived brands help advertisers increase their penetration. Also, having a clear, provocative, reliable, and compelling subject line can help motivate users to open an email. According to an American study, 70% of users who placed orders made immediate purchases within 3 hours after opening the email.


3. CTR Statistics can be achieved by tracking user click behavior. The click-through rate depends on the overall design style, user needs, and, of course, whether the promotion or the theme, the rallying element works. The Click-through rate of E-mail is a more accurate indicator to measure the effect of EDM marketing.


4. Conversion rate is the ultimate goal of email delivery. Online retail sites convert to orders, companies that sell software convert to downloads, and training institutions convert to form submission. You can also customize other specific goals, such as viewing a specific page - an announcement of a holiday event or a specific action such as uploading photos, voting, leaving comments, etc. 

SendPalm can do a better job because in addition to these four metrics, it also tracks all the statistics of your email activity: open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and so on. We help collect more data input so that you can have better output in email marketing.